Advanced uses

Track Start Behaviour

In some sequences, you might want some elements to be hidden before their clips are triggered.


In this example, the red, green and blue squares are idle while the sequence is playing, until a clip tells each of them to scale up.

A cleaner version of this sequence hides all three of these squares before they are scaled up.

An additional parameter for each clip called « Track Start Behaviour » can help you achieve this behaviour:

The Behaviour defined in this field will be executed at the beginning of the sequence.

  • Enable will enable the affected game object at the beginning of the sequence
  • Disable will disable the affected game object at the beginning of the sequence

In the above example, settings Track Start Behaviour to « Disable » on the last three clips disables each square before they are shown.

Enabling UI interactions during a sequence

Usually, you will want all UI inputs to be disabled during a sequence. This is the default behaviour: you will notice that any attempt to do any UI input (button, drag & drop…) during a sequence is automatically discarded.

If however, you want a sequence to not disable UI interactions and still have inputs active during a sequence, you can do so by unchecking the « Disable UI inputs » on the director linked to this sequence:


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