Create a new sequence

Creating the sequence

To create a sequence, go into your project view in any folder of your choice and hit the Right click button > Create > UI Timeline Animation, and name it accordingly:

You will now need a director to hold your sequence. To do so, click on the « Create New Director » button of your UTA Controller:

A new director will automatically be added as a child of your UTA Controller. You can now fill the Playable field, either by drag & dropping your sequence or using the small circle button to find it.

Editing the sequence

You can now click on the « Open Timeline Editor » button to visualize the timeline of your sequence. Inside the timeline, you can add two types of UTA tracks: Playable tracks and Event tracks:

  • Playable tracks can hold animation clips of your sequence: elements moving, scaling, alpha fading, etc.
  • Event tracks can hold events of your sequence: calls to any method of any object in your scene.

You can right click inside any of these tracks to add clips to it:

For each clip you add, you can edit its properties directly in the inspector view:

  • Fill in the Affected Transform using Drag&Drop from your scene or the small circle button
  • Choose your animation curve inside the Curve editor
  • The Track Start Behaviour field is described in Advanced uses

Note: a UTA Curve Library is available in the curve editor and contains a few useful curves:

Testing your sequence

Once you’re done fiddling with your sequence, it’s time to try it!

There’s unfortunately no way to test your animation when not in Play Mode.
However, any change that you make in play mode that refers to any property of the clip which is *not* a reference to an object in the scene will be saved when exiting play mode (curve, duration, start time, etc.)

Hit the play button of Unity Editor and select your Director. You should now have « Play » and « Stop » buttons available. Hit the play button to try your sequence:

You’re done with the basics! Let’s now see each animation in detail.


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